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Interested in Volunteering?

The Scio Fire District has weekly drills on Monday nights starting at 7pm. Drill nights are an opportunity for the volunteer cadre to come together and practice their craft, receive a consistent training message, and get updates on policies', procedure's, and changes in the law. Anyone who ha considered becoming a volunteer is encouraged to attend one of our weekly training sessions. Call us if you have any questions, want to attend a drill, or speak to the recruiter.

What's involved?
New volunteers of the Scio Fire District will be trained by members of our staff. Each new volunteer will have a training plan customized for their schedule and level of commitment. During training, volunteers will learn the basic of firefighting including how to:
- Don and Doff your personal protective equipment
- Use a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
- Tie knots
- Use extrication equipment
- Carry and deploy fire hose
- And Several more skills

Once I'm trained, what will I be doing?
As a firefighter, you are a problem solver. We are called for a myriad of problems and it's up to you to use your skills and training to solve the problem at hand. Some of the incidents you may be dispatched to inclide:
- Structure Fires
- Vehicle Fires
- Wild Land Fires
- Car Crashes
- Water Rescues
- Flooding
- Hazardous Materials Incidents
- Machinery Rescues
- And Several More!

What are the minimum Requirements?
To be a volunteer firefighter, you must:
- Be 18 years old
- Have an Oregon Drivers License
- Have an insurable driving record
- High School Diploma

Still Interested? Below is a link to the Scio Fire District volunteer application. Fill it out and email it to the district or drop it off at the main station in Scio.

Attach Copy of Certifications

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